Our Pricing & Plans

    • Flotation Therapy (Time Dur: 30 Mins)

      The salt water flotation pool is heated to maintain the body’s natural temperature. Without the need for any muscle action, the body becomes almost weightless and a deep state of relaxation is achieved in 15-20 minutes. Endorphins are released encouraging a feeling of wellbeing.


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    • Rasul (Time Dur: 45 Mins)

      With its roots in Arabic bathing rituals, Rasul Therapy is a popular method to exfoliate, revive and detox the body. Upon entering the Rasul, the client is supplied with an exfoliator and a body mask which is applied whilst the chamber fills with steam to assist in detoxifying the body. The treatment ends with a cool rain shower that assists with the removal of the mask, refreshing the body & leaving one revitalized.
      Complimentary sparkling wine and bottled water provided.


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    Please Note

    • The use of our the spa hydro pools are complimentary when you book a treatment.
    • Should you wish to use the spa hydro pools during week days the rates are as follows :-
    • Hourly Rate :  R90 Daily Rate :  R290